Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship Program

The Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship (TAS) Program provides personal recognition and scholarships to graduating at-risk high school seniors towards their continuing educatio, which may be college, university, or trade school.  Winners are also offered mentorship, and encouraged to reapply for future TAS funding for their continuing education.

These students began their high school career confronting serious personal problems, including substance abuse and addiction, abusive parents and guardians, poverty, and/or homelessness.  TAS recipients are courageous young people, who overcame these obstacles, graduating, and pursuing their life and career goals through continuing education and career training.

The Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship (TAS) Program is a 501 (c.3) Non-profit corporation (EIN#77-0242010).  This is oustanding program raises fund for scholarships for students, from 10 different high school districts in Santa Clara County, and Fremont.  These students are typically the sirst in their family who have graduated from high school.  The TAS program now annualy has awards over $200,00 to over 150 students.

Sponsorships for the TAS program are needed.  Besides the backing and the efforts of 15 Kiwanis clubs in the area, the TAS Program has had the added benefit of having the support of the Shortino Foundation which provides matching funds for the money raised.  The annual TAS Funraising Benefit has over 450 attendees and in addition to the ticket sales, and prize raffle, there are silent auction items.  Sponsorship and donations of sports memorabilia and other silent auction items are greatly appreciated as they generate needed funds for scholarships.

If you would like to help develop and grow this inspirational program, please contact the Kiwanis Club of San Jose Foundation, P.O. Box 4855, San Jose, CA 95130-4855, (408) 867-1701, or (408) 393-4071.  Thank you.